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Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil


Love Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is extraordinarily rich in Vitamin E – up to 230mg/100g making it a valuable nourishing, restorative and regenerating skin moisturiser.

This oil soothes and brings cooling relief to hot, reddened and inflamed skin and strengthens capillaries.

Love Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil revitalises dry, damaged and compromised skin, promotes skin regeneration and helps preserve skin cells from the ravages of time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Prema Appadu
Just a few drop and magic happens

Bought the oil on a whim and to my delight my skin has responded positively. Thank you Bryon Bay Love Oils for introducing me to an amazing oil that works wonders on my skin. It's definitely a new staple in my skin care routine. I love it.


vicki fitzpatrick
Amazing Face Oil

Wow, what can I say. This was recommended to me for my dry skin and it is simply divine as its non greasy smooth texture glides over my skin hydrating and feeling really silky. I use it under my make up as it reduces fine lines and makes my skin look more plump and a more even skin tone. I have used products 4 times this cost without seeing improvement to my skin so I am absolutely convinced this oil is perfect for reducing the appearance of aging and fine wrinkles.

Letty Callcut
Himalayan Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil of Tibet -

This is my first time using Himalayan Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil from Tibet,
it is what I was looking for, it leaves no greasy residue on my skin. The smell is pleasant
and I only need a few drops. My skin has responded positively. I can use it alone or I use it in combination with Organic Tamanu Restorative Oil from Vanuatu and Organic Baobab Radiant Oil from South Africa for sun protection as I live in a tropical place, I was surprised that the combination of these oils protected my skin very well against sunburn. I am very satisfied with the results.

Melissa Mellifont
A versatile oil

I’ve read so much info on sea buckthorn oil for female health and healing. This one really worked for me