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Each of the seed oils are unique in their own way, although they share many qualities and key components.

Argan is particularly known for hair care.
Baobab is a great all rounder and is very nourishing to dry skin conditions.
Pomegranate is special for its content of punicic acid which makes it a wonderful solution for hormone-related blemishes.
Prickly Pear, super high in Vitamin E, is excellent for distressed skin and any minor injuries – rashes, burns, cuts and scratches.
Rose Hip is very high in Vitamin A and makes an exceptional facial oil as it absorbs quickly and makes a perfect after shave application.
Tamanu is used as a topical application to troubled skin areas damaged by harsh elements – wind, sun, chemicals.

Each oil can be used direct to the skin and can be alternated in the day – i.e. one for morning application and another for night time. Otherwise, they can be alternated every other day or however you choose.

You may wish to stick with just one oil and when that is finished, use another so that your skin receives different nourishment. There are no hard fast rules.

Love Prickly Pear Seed Oil is obtained from cold pressing the seeds only.

It should not to be confused with lower priced macerated extracts of the flowers or fruits of the prickly pear cactus on the market.

Because of the tedious, time-consuming labour involved in hand separating the seeds from the pulpy flesh of the prickly pear fruit, this oil is costly to produce. Added to that, is the low oil yield of the seed.

It takes a million tiny seeds to produce a litre of oil, making this nutritive rich beauty oil a very precious commodity.

The value of Prickly Pear Seed Oil is enhanced by the concentration of natural Vitamin E which is higher than any other plant on the planet, so the healing benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil arguably outweigh its cost.

Most of the seed oils can be taken internally.

As they are cold pressed oils with no other additives, they can be taken internally and in fact, can make a nutritious addition to salad dressings.

However, there are some exceptions. Our Argan Oil is pressed from the raw seed kernels so is not very palatable. Traditionally, Argan oil used for culinary purposes is extracted from roasted kernels so that it has a nicer flavour.

Tamanu is not to be taken internally.

Love Lavender Essential Oil is of the highest possible grade so can be used as a food flavouring in small quantities.

They both are exactly the same oil – only the packaging is different.

Rose Adore Rose Hip Seed Oil was created initially for export as part of the Rose Adore range and comes with a detailed product information leaflet in the box.

Love Rose Hip Seed was created on demand as part of the Love Seed Oil Range.


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