In our business dealings, Byron Bay Love Oils aims to honour environmental, regional, economic, indigenous and social values with sustainable integration. It is our commitment that our business only impacts positively in any of these aspects.

Responsible and Sustainable Agriculture

We are committed to the environment and all living organisms and oppose the use of genetically engineered products and raw materials that are contaminated with pesticide residues, heavy metals and/or other contaminants. Many of the products we source are obtained by wild harvesting in regions where harvesting has no impact on the environment. Baobab nuts in South Africa, Rose Hips in Lesotho, Prickly Pear seeds in Morocco and Tamanu nuts that have fallen from trees in Vanuatu are examples of these. Where we rely on product to be farmed such as Lavender and Pomegranate, strict organic growing practices are maintained, regulated and certified in accordance to the organic agriculture regulations insisted upon by various certifying organisations of the region.

Organic Certification

Organic certification is much more important to us than two words that appear on packaging, often unsubstantiated. We believe consumers deserve truth in labelling and that organic certification should be authentic and credible. By visiting with our producers, we have been able to verify the certification obtained by the people who are directly involved in the growing and processing of the product we source. The organic certifications awarded to our products are by accredited governing bodies that are well recognised worldwide and are pertinent to the country of agriculture. Our Argan, Pomegranate and Prickly Pear seed oils are organic certified by EcoCert, Baobab and Rose Hip seed oils by Oko-Garantie BCS, Lavender by EU Organic Certification and Tamanu by BioGro NZ. A number of these certifications are also accredited by USDA organic certification.

Finest Quality

We have found that Certified Organic does not always mean finest quality. Organic certification guarantees that the product is free from chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and other agricultural contaminants. However, it does not define quality, as quality depends on many factors, such as selection of fresh seeds, extraction methods, filtration and storage. What should also not be ignored, is that many pure plant oils are extracted from different parts of the plant and not necessarily the most vital part. Love Lavender is steam distilled from the flowers only of Lavandula angustifolia – no hybrids or higher oil yielding crops. Our seed oils are cold pressed with utmost care from the very finest and freshest seeds – no fruit or additional plant material.

Purely Natural Guarantee

It is important to us that our products are always 100% pure and natural – that from the growing and harvesting to the moment they are bottled and labelled – their integrity is respected and protected. By visiting with the manufacturer, we have been able to view the extraction process and confirm that the seed oils are cold pressed with care to protect their key components. Apart from the Lavender products, all of the Love Seed Oils, excluding Tamanu, are edible – so are safe both in or on your body. Pure essential oils can be added to the natural seed oils if you wish to create your own special aromatherapy blend. Our direct association with the producers allow us to bypass any middlemen and eliminate any unscrupulous practice altogether of extending or adulterating the real thing.