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I use black seed oil for inflammatory arthritis, I can't belive the different it makes in reducing the pain espically in the colder months.

Jenny K.

When I take this oil I can instantly feel my immune system being boosted and I feel like I have heaps of energy

Mike S.

I bought this for my father who has cancer and is on chemo, he say's it’s a mircle oil as it has given him back his energy.

Lexi J.

The real deal. I didn't realise how dark black seed oil was supposed to be until I discovered Love Oils black seed. My previous oil claimed to be pure black seed but it was the colour of olive oil, and didn't taste or look anything like the Love brand. I have sinus issues and have noticed a BIG improvement in symptoms since changing brands.

Judith S.

When I first started using Black Seed oil, I used Love Oils but ran out after a few months and tried a different brand which was more the colour of Olive oil and tasted vaguely of Black Seed. I bought another brand and sampled some others but experienced similar colour and taste. I then went back to Love Oils leaving two half empty bottles of oil in the cupboard should I ever run out of Love Oils, it’s without doubt the most pure Black Seed oil I’ve tasted.

Tim R.

Best tasting black seed on the market! I have been taking black seed oil for years, and know that there can be a big difference in quality. The Love Oils brand is by far the best one i've sampled and the darkest. I can't be without this incredible immune boosting oil - even more so now during the pandemic.

Melissa H.