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Rose Adore - Precious Rose Organic Essential Oil - 1 gram


Rose Adore Rose Oil is the most exquisite essential oil in the world -1 gram of genuine 100% pure undiluted Rose oil distilled from the Damask Rose, Rosa Damascena and personally sourced in Bulgaria.

Packaged in a glass vial and housed in a beautifully hand painted traditional timber case (konkuma) which is wax sealed to prevent tampering.

Because of the high price pure rose oil commands, it is usually diluted 2.5-3% in jojoba oil and sold for around $30-40 for 10ml.

Should you wish to create your own 2.5% blend, add the contents of the vial to 40ml jojoba oil, so this product represents exceptional value.

Prized by perfumers, pure Rose Oil is one of the world’s most exquisite and expensive oils, used as an essential ingredient in many perfumes.

The pure essential rose oil that has been tenderly extracted from the “Queen of Flowers”, the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena).

It requires 5kg of rose flowers to produce just 1 gram of Rose Adore Rose Essential Oil!

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