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LOVE Lavender is no ordinary Lavender Oil. This is the most exquisite Lavender Oil this planet produces!


LOVE Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 10ml

Personally sourced from Bulgaria, this 100% pure essential oil has a multitude of first aid uses and should be kept handy in every home!

For the temporary relief of the symptoms of:

  • anxiety and stress
  •  headache
  • insomnia
  • wounds
  • sunburn and minor
  • burns
  • skin inflammations and many more.
Love Lavender Water Soluble

LOVE Water Soluble Organic Lavender Oil - 100ml

Our water soluble solution helps the Lavender oil to dissolve beautifully in water.

This pleasant bath and spa friendly water soluble solution is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins and perfect for babies and young children.

It will not clog spa jets and creates a sensational effervescence when the spa is turned on.

  • Rehydrating, moisturising and revitalising to dry skin
  • Nourishes and repairs razor damaged skin
  • Reduces the appearance of premature ageing skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines
Love Lavender Cleansing Bar

LOVE Lavender Face & Body Cleansing Bar - 4 Pack


Gentle and nurturing, even for the most sensitive skins, LOVE Lavender Face & Body Cleansing Bar is made with love using the very finest plant-based organic ingredients.



The following list of Lavender’s applications is by no means exhaustive.

ANXIETY, STRESS, NERVOUS TENSION – inhale off a tissue, relax in a bath, vaporise in an oil burner or indulge in a soothing massage.

INSOMNIA – enjoy the calm of a warm bath, vaporise in an oil burner, massage a couple drops onto your forehead, neck and onto the soles of your feet and sprinkle a few drops on your pillow.

HEADACHE – gently massage a couple of drops into your forehead, temples (avoiding the eyes) and back of neck.

SKIN INFLAMMATIONS – dab neat onto small areas or dilute 1 part with 5 parts high quality vegetable to cover larger affected areas.

WOUNDS – use direct application to clean wound or make up a spritzer and spray wound. Add a few drops to gauze of bandage.

MINOR BURNS and SUNBURN – make up a spritzer, shake well and spray affected area; use neat with direct application or make up a massage oil and apply gently.

MUSCULAR ACHES and PAINS – use neat in direct application or dilute 1 part with 5 parts high quality vegetable oil and rub into affected areas.

Note: Symptomatic relief listed above is based on traditional aromatherapy uses for Lavender essential oil. If symptoms persist, consult your health care practitioner.

LOVE Lavender Brand

The LOVE Lavender brand has been created to return this outstanding natural plant medicine to popularity so that its many health promoting virtues can be known.

Most importantly, we want to make sure that our Lavender oil is of the highest therapeutic grade and quality.

Believe it or not, nearly all Lavender Oil sold as Lavender Oil REALLY ISN’T – even though labelled as 100% pure Lavandula angustifolia.

Most Lavender Oil on the market is distilled from a hybrid plant Lavandula hybrida also known as Lavandin and sometimes referred to as bastard Lavender.  The reason for this is purely economics as the Lavandin plant produces 30 times more oil than the true Lavender plant.

However, the chemical profile of Lavandin Oil does not match that of Lavender Oil as it contains a high content of camphor and cineol. These components can be stimulating and skin irritating, hardly conducive to the soothing reputation of Lavender!

Therefore, in order to remedy these issues, other chemical compounds such as linalool, linalyl acetate etc. (usually synthetic and fairly inexpensive) are added to the inferior oil to correct the balance of components. So, when subjected to a gas liquid chromatagraph (GLC) test, it will show a typical analysis of L. angustifolia.

Once this has been achieved, even though the oil is not produced from the true Lavender plant, its new profile meets the specifications of L. angustifolia, and is accepted as Lavender Oil (even by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration – TGA) and therefore can be labelled, marketed and sold to the unassuming public as Lavender Oil.

Yet, if subjected to a very expensive and highly sophisticated chiral purity test, this product would fail in authenticity and the masquerade would be exposed.

We have personally visited organic lavender farms in Bulgaria to source the very best oil in the world that is certified to carry the highly respected organic logo of the European Union.

We conduct random chiral purity tests with our Lavender to assure you, and ourselves, that our LOVE Lavender Oil is 100% purely natural, true and noble Lavandula angustifolianothing added, nothing taken away – just as it should be.

What Our Customers Have to Say

We introduced Lavender Oil to Australians

We first introduced Lavender Oil to Australia in the late 70’s when ‘Aromatherapy’ was not even a word. Having sold Lavender for nearly 40 years through our companies Sunspirit Aromatherapy and Eureka! oils, we can honestly say that “this is by far, the best essential oil we’ve ever come across.” Move over France, make way for Bulgaria!

And better yet, it is pure plant product and truly Certified Organic – not just claiming to be.

Sadly the industry we pioneered has not cared enough to guard against what has been happening with product integrity. Watching the market become saturated with Lavender Oils of such poor quality – often synthetically enhanced and certainly not good enough to be used medicinally – inspired us to bring back the real thing.

We believe it is important that people can actually buy what they think they are buying, especially when it comes to Lavender Oil. It is the world’s most healing and versatile essential oil and we would like you to experience LOVE Lavender – true and noble Lavender oil, like you’ve never known before.

LOVE Lavender is certainly not ordinary. It is more like extraordinary – because this Lavender Oil is Lavender oil – nothing added and nothing taken away. It is the genuine article.

The name Lavender was born from the Latin word lavare, meaning to wash. The Lavender plant is indigenous to the Mediterranean region of Europe yet is now cultivated all over the world.

There are many varieties of Lavender and in general, many varying healing qualities. The most therapeutic, and what is known, as the true and noble Lavender is Lavandula angustifolia. It is sometimes referred to as Lavandula vera or Lavandula officinalis and is also known as the common or garden lavender.

From this plant, the essential oil is extracted by a method of steam distillation. The very finest lavender oil is produced from the flowering heads and possesses a multitude of therapeutic uses.

The virtues of this delightfully fragrant and wonderful oil have paved new paths into the modern world we live in today. Numerous books and medical research studies have been written on aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well being. In these books and documents, Lavender oil, rightfully so, stands out above all others and is the hero essential oil.


Its early ‘accidental’ discovery came about in 1910 when an explosion occurred in a family owned French perfume laboratory. The perfumer, Rene Maurice Gatefosse was severely burnt in this accident and his sudden reaction when it happened was to plunge his burnt hand into the nearest vat of liquid, which happened to be pure Lavender oil.

He found that he received immediate relief to the pain and later observed that the healing process was much quicker than what was expected of a burn of the severity he suffered and that it healed notably without infection and scarring.

This documented case led to many more studies on the powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of this amazing natural oil.

Nothing is added,
Nothing taken away


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